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The popularization of social media and Web 2.0 tools over the last few years has had an impact on how information is not only produced, but also consumed. Tools such as blogs, videos, and, more recently, podcasts, have had a tremendous impact on education. Because these resources are freely available on the internet and can be used anytime and anywhere, a number of learning institutions have been switching from textbooks and investing in these emerging technologies. Podcasting, which is one of the most recent media to emerge, is currently at the forefront of technological changes and has become a viable option for teachers who are seeking non-traditional ways to develop professionally, away from top-down CPD. This begs the question: how can podcasting be used by teachers as a tool for professional development? This podcast presentation is based on a study conducted by the author, which aims to provide an in-depth understanding of teachers and trainers' perceptions of podcasts for teacher development. Twelve qualitative interviews were carried out with teachers of 6 different nationalities to investigate the perceived benefits of podcasting as a CPD tool, and possible implementation in pre- and in-service teacher education courses. In this podcast presentation, it is argued that Podcasts have numerous benefits, including fostering reflective practice, promoting engagement with research and a sense of community, developing language skills, and providing self-directed teacher development. The conclusions provided in this podcast include recommendations for the adoption of podcasting in pre- and in-service courses for English Language teachers so as to move towards a bottom-up model in teacher education and suggestions for making podcasting a supplemental tool in teacher education courses, including the creation of podcasts by trainees.

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Leonardo Gomez, Learn YOUR English

Is a teacher, educator, teacher educator and independent researcher based in Toronto, Canada. His 20+ years of teaching experience overseas include 6 countries and a broad spectrum of classes, ranging from general English, exam English, ESP, to teacher education courses. He is also a founding member of Learn YOUR English, a grassroots educational organization aiming at bridging the gap between research and practice. Leo’s research interests include humanistic education, psychology of learning, critical pedagogy, Task-based education, and podcasting as a CPD tool.




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GOMEZ, L. . THE BENEFITS OF PODCASTS AS TOOL FOR ESL/EFL TEACHERS’ CONTINUOUS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Anais do Encontro Virtual de Documentação em Software Livre e Congresso Internacional de Linguagem e Tecnologia Online, [S. l.], v. 10, n. 1, 2021. Disponível em:[]=987. Acesso em: 5 fev. 2023.



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